Simple Tips On Buying Real Diamonds

13Diamond is the most sophisticated jewelry that man has ever discovered. It is something that we all desire. Even when someone says that diamond is not his/her style, subconsciously, it is something that he/she won’t simply reject. Most people would look at it as one of the best gifts for someone that they truly adore. It measures how that person truly means to them. It can be seen in a necklace or to earrings. But above that, it commonly used on rings, like engagement rings. Women love it and men use it as a great way of expressing what they truly feel. Sometimes, diamonds also show a person’s financial

Being famous, diamond has also been of the most pirated and copied jewelry in the world. Even if it is only a replica, it is still as pricey as the legitimate diamond. What makes it worst is the fact that fake diamonds are so hard to distinguish from the original ones. Well, that is unless you use a specific tool for this, of course.

You need to be careful in buying diamonds. There are people who sell bootleg jewelry but the price is as high as the real McCoy. You better find a way to measure and see if people are scamming you with his/her diamonds or not. How? It’s as simple as this.

First, you have to find the right diamond that is perfect for you. See if the shape is what you’re looking for as well as the karat weight and stone. If in case it is out of the budget, you can reduce the cut, color, and clarity. Always remember to check its mount and position. Use a loupe to do this. Look for 10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 750, 900, 950, PT, Plat stamps. If you see C.Z., it’s the time that you should drop it down. C.Z means Cubic Zirconia – it is just a synthetic diamond.

If you need to do a quick test, you can try the fog test. You can see it in some movies when they are trying to verify if a diamond is real. Fog it in front of your mouth like how you do it in front of a mirror. A real diamond won’t fog up easily. Also you can check how to buy diamonds online.

Buying diamonds may take a lot of steps if you are looking for a very specific gem. Sometimes, even if it’s the most precious stone in the world, people would still reject it. Diamond is very special and you must know how to get it right. The steps in buying it are pretty simple as long as you will get it right. Make sure that you’ve got a genuine one, of course. Don’t waste money by trusting too much on the seller.