Why Depression Counselling in Langley, BC Is More Important Than You Think

depression counselling langleyLife is not always happy and smooth sailing. It is only natural for a person to have troubles in life. Sadness is a normal reaction to struggles, disappointments, and setbacks. We all go through episodes of stress, grief, and sadness but many of us return to our usual selves after these emotions and situations have passed. However, if stress and sadness continues for a long time and your ability to make judgments and to interact with people is impaired, this can lead to clinical depression. Severe depression can even lead a person to consider suicide, affecting not only the person who is depressed but also his/her family and friends.

Although depression is a serious condition and is just as important as any other disease, society has developed a negative stigma towards depression. Many people who suffer from depression tend to suffer in silence. The shame associated with admitting they have a mental illness stops them from seeking the appropriate treatment. Patients diagnosed with depression are often viewed as helpless individuals who need lifelong assistance. This should not be the case. Depression counselling Langley can help a person who is suffering from depression to experience relief. Individual therapy plans are developed based on the individual needs of the person.

Despite the fact that many celebrities have admitted to their struggles with depression, the stigma of mental illness remains. Different groups are working diligently to diminish this stigma. We have to be informed about the signs, symptoms and treatment for depression. It requires strength and courage to get professional help to treat this condition.

depression counsellingThe symptoms of depression can last for weeks, months and even years, especially if the person fails to seek professional help. A person suffering from depression may have difficulty in performing daily activities such as getting dressed, going to work or socializing. Some manifestations of depression are:

  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Deep sadness and crying spells
  • Feelings of guilt, insignificance and hopelessness
  • Sleeping problems
  • Thoughts of suicide or death

By seeking counselling in Langley, BC, you are taking the first step to get over your depression effectively. The counsellor will study your condition and find the real cause of your depression. After identifying the root cause of the problem, you and your counsellor will work together to find the best solution. It may be difficult to change our feelings but we can try to change our way of thinking. Counselling aims to bring changes in a person’s way of life by providing the needed assistance to overcome stress and sadness. Talking to a counsellor can help a person through his/her problems and issues.

Different methods are used in depression counselling. The length of therapy and number of sessions depend on the severity of the condition. Going to a depression counselling regularly can help a person feel a significant improvement in feeling, peace of mind, clear ideas, and improved behavior. Research has shown that depression counselling is an effective way to gradually eliminate depression. If you feel that you have problems in your life that causes you to become depressed, depression counselling may be the best option to recover.