With so many information and seemingly “expert” relationship advice flying around these days, one would think women have it all under control when it comes to men. Unfortunately, many women still maintain the “status quo” and constantly fall into the same male trap over and over again.

So what’s the missing link? Why can’t some women get the man they want to also want them? As difficult as these questions are for some women to answer, the logic is simple really. While there are many ways to grab a man’s attention asides stripping naked anytime you get a little privacy with him (that works all the time by the way, but with temporary results, unfortunately), I will try to simplify them into 3.
With that said, here are 3 strategies to make him chase you. And they work ALL THE TIME!
If you have lived long enough, you just heard this quote, “real women don’t chase men”. Yes, you have heard it but you just didn’t make use of it. Since it’s a popular saying, I will like to start with it and further buttress the point.
The fastest way to chase a man away is to act like he his the “air you breathe” (at the initial stage anyway). Men are “hunters” by nature, and hunting isn’t truly fun if the game makes it pretty easy for the hunter to catch it. Men love the adventure that surrounds trying to get a woman to want them, so give them one! Don’t go blowing up their phone with calls and messages after the first date. You’d be out of the door before you know it.
Maintain your femininity, be classy, be fun but don’t give the impression that you are too available. This doesn’t mean you play extremely hard to get but strike a delicate balance. Like I said earlier, men are hunters, so make yourself an interesting game they can chase.
Men will constantly chase you as soon as they find you to be a little mysterious. They’ll want to go on more dates with you just to know what you seem to be hiding from yourself. Most men will likely follow this path until they get hooked. So don’t go revealing everything about yourself on the first date, you’ll only make subsequent dates boring and uneventful… that’s if you ever get the chance to go on the second date.
To create a balance, being mysterious doesn’t mean you lie your self. Be honest, but don’t be an open book.
Men often run away when women who begin to show signs of dependency before they even get too into a committed relationship.
Show him you can be happy without him.
Don’t give him the impression that outside him, you don’t have a LIFE.
Genuinely enjoy your job or hobbies and flaunt it in his face
Don’t break your engagements just to be able to see him.
By being genuinely interested in your own life and activities, you create an impression that he isn’t the “all in all” in your life. There are a lot more things that rank higher on your list of priorities.
However, you do have to be careful not to push him away. While trying to be independent, ensure that you don’t appear as an intimidating figure. Reschedule dates if it clashes with your daily activities. Let him know you enjoy spending time with him and equally give him subtle signs that his efforts are paying off.
Don’t appear to be busy, be sincere and be genuinely busy. This way you don’t seem to have tricked him when you get into the relationship and become suddenly needy and clingy.
These 3 strategies to make him chase you will work every time if you follow them with a 100% sincerity. Remember, lies may work but they don’t last.